Summit Health & Wellness Center Frequently Asked Questions

Are there age requirements to receive services at the Health and Wellness Center?

Yes, we feel that we can best serve those individuals aged 3-30 years old.

Can only people with an ASD or related diagnoses receive services at the Health and Wellness Center?

Yes, we are committed to serving this vulnerable and underserved population.

Does insurance cover the cost of these services or will the center require private pay?

We will be accepting major insurances and private pay. Please refer to the list of insurance providers that we accept located on our Summit Health and Wellness Center website.

Is there a waiting list? If so, how do I get on it?

We are currently accepting patients. Please check with your insurance company if a referral from your PCP is required to receive services.

If I want to receive medication management through the center, do I also have to enroll in counseling services?

Patients who receive medication management from the clinic must be working with our licensed therapists.

Will behavioral therapists provide services outside of the Health and Wellness Center?

Yes, we will work with children and young adults in their home environment. We will also work collaboratively with school personnel to augment any existing services and supports currently in place.