Summit University Residence Tuition

The Residential Program Includes the Following:

Single or Double Room
Students live in a furnished room within the Residence. Most students will have a roommate as part of our curriculum to build crucial social skills but a few single rooms will also be available. 

Dinners are provided every night.  Continental breakfast will be made available Monday through Friday and brunch will be served on Saturday and Sunday.

24/7 Support
Students have access to support and assistance at the Residence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The Residence will be overseen by a Residential Director and staffed by highly trained Residence Assistants.  Counseling support will also be available as needed.

Residential Services
All students residing at Summit University will partake in a comprehensive curriculum designed to fo
ster both academic and independent living success.  Such curriculum content will include boosting executive functioning and study skills, social development, self-advocacy, and independent living skills. 

Social activities will be scheduled at structure in the Residence on both evenings and weekends. In addition, students will work on various skills to assist them to participate successfully in activities on his or her campus.

Transportation will be provided to all of the Worcester Consortium Schools will the exception of Becker College and Worcester Polytechnic Institute, both of which are a short walk from the Residence.  In addition, students will receive instruction on using buses through the Worcester Regional Transportation Authority, as there are several bus stops in close proximity to the Residence.  Transportation services for group outings and other activities will be provided on an as-needed basis.

Tuition for students in the Residential Program is:
     ▶      $  2,500    This non-refundable Enrollment Fee secures a student’s space, upon acceptance and is applied toward                                                        the tuition.
     ▶      $23,000    per year for a double occupancy room 
     ▶      $29,000    per year for a single occupancy room

Additional Costs:

Ancillary Services
Any additional services beyond those provided as part of our residential program are payable either through insurance or private pay.

Spending Money
Students are required to have access to a checking/savings account to access spending money, as needed. This money may be needed for supplies, groceries, snacks, recreational activities, etc.  Budgeting and use of spending money will be part of our Residential Curriculum.

Cell Phones
We require that students have their own cell phones.  We ask that students share their phone number with the Residence staff as well as entering the dorm phone number into their phone.

College Meal Plans
Although not required (except for students enrolled at Becker College), students may be interested in signing up for a limited meal card plan at their local college for lunch and snacks.


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