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Sean Daly heads up Summit ABA Services

Summit Agency is excited to announce the appointment of Sean Daly, BCBA,LABA as the new Director of ABA Services at Summit Agency. Sean brings to Summit almost 30 years of work in Human Services. His passion for helping others is evident through his work and advocacy at a variety of organizations such as HMEA's Autism Resource Central and his own non-profit, Diamond is the Sky. Diamond is the Sky, named after his daughter with autism, provided inclusive community opportunities to individuals with autism, their families, and the greater community.

After completing a master's in Applied Behavior Analysis at Bay Path University where he now serves as a part-time instructor, Sean established himself as a program consultant which brought him to Summit Academy. As the owner of Evolve ABA Services and the Program Director of Summit ABA, Sean will work with Summit CEO, Dan Dimezza to join the forces of both to create a dynamic ABA Center with expanded programs and services.

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