About Summit Health & Wellness Center

The Summit Health and Wellness Center provides comprehensive services and support to neuro-diverse individuals with autism and related diagnoses. Serving our residential students and the greater community, the Summit Health & Wellness Center offers these clinical modalities: psychiatric services, behavioral services, counseling services, group social skills, and general health & wellness practices.

People seeking services for individuals with autism traditionally face barriers to care, a fractured healthcare system, and long wait times. Summit Health & Wellness is founded on the idea that the best care is delivered under one roof in a unified and integrated way.  Summit Health & Wellness Center provides specialized care in the area of autism and related conditions, including psychiatry, counseling, and ABA services.

We are committed to look beyond just a diagnosis and to deliver a holistic patient-centered plan of care.

Our Services

All services and support at Summit Health and Wellness Center will be provided by licensed professionals specializing in working with the growing neuro-diverse population. The Summit Health & Wellness Center will offer the following clinical modalities that aim to balance mind and body for individuals on the Autism spectrum. These include: psychiatric services, behavioral services, counseling services and general health and wellness practices.

Psychiatric Services

Our licensed psychiatrists are able to provide diagnostic evaluations, consultations, second-opinions, medication management, as well as ongoing treatment for individuals within the community.

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Behavioral Services

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The wellness clinic offers behavioral services which include applied behavioral analysis, behavioral plan development and implementation to individuals across a variety of settings.

Support Group

Counseling Services

The clinic will provide counseling-based treatment utilizing a variety of modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal and social skills, as well as integrating applied behavioral approaches in both the individual and group setting to facilitate growth.

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