About Summit Health & Wellness Center

Serving residential students and the community. The Summit Health & Wellness Center will offer the following clinical modalities that include: psychiatric services, behavioral services, counseling services, physical & occupational therapy, and general health & wellness practices.

Our Services

Psychiatric Services

Our licensed therapists are able to provide medication management, diagnostic evaluations & second opinions, one-time consultations, as well as ongoing treatment for both our students and the community.

Behavioral Services

Serving residential students and the community. The wellness clinic will offer behavioral services including Applied behavioral analysis and Behavioral Plan development and implementation.



Our counselors expertise includes but is not limited to classroom and behavior management, individual and group counseling, learning disabilities, school safety, crisis response, effective discipline, cultural competence and consultation with educators, families and community providers.  

Transition Program

Transition programming offered at the Summit Health and Wellness center will support 14-22 year olds in need of instruction in areas of daily living skills, health and hygiene, community based instruction, self-advocacy and self determination.

Social Skills


 Supporting students and young adults in physical and occupational therapy.  The therapist is responsible for developing and implementing transition goals focused on the individual student as they prepare to transition from high school to the workplace, apprenticeships or college etc.

Health & Wellness

Our practitioners offer a number of health & wellness modalities including: sensory treatment, yoga, exercise therapy, diet & nutrition. 

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