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Summit Agency announces exciting expansion supporting autism community

Updated: May 3, 2021

Summit Health & Wellness Center
Summit Health & Wellness Center

Summit Agency announces exciting expansion supporting autism community

Building on its successful day school for students with autism, Summit Agency, Inc., is expanding its programs to provide more comprehensive services to Worcester County.

Summit Agency is a non-profit organization that provides educational and community supports to individuals with autism and related diagnoses. Summit has been a leader in the community for 14 years, operating Summit Academy school, a licensed therapeutic school alternative for students ages 6 to 22.

“April is Autism Awareness Month, so I’m thrilled to share the news about our new programs,” said Daniel DiMezza, Summit Agency’s CEO and the executive director of Summit Academy.

Summit Agency Health & Wellness Center
New Summit Health & Wellness Center

“We are expanding our services and supports to include Summit Campus, the Summit Health and Wellness Center and Summit Behavioral Services. This new programming, along with our day school, allows Summit to meet individuals and their families where they are on their journey. We want our students to reach their full potential for independent living.”

Summit Campus (at 37 Fruit Street) is a dormitory experience for college students with autism attending any of the consortium colleges and universities in Worcester. The program is designed to foster personal growth, academic success and independent living. These supports will empower students with the transition skills necessary to live a productive, rewarding and successful life.

“Summit has had some of the most creative ideas of any of the programs I’ve worked with,” says attorney Henry Clark, first executive director of MAAPS and an advocate for special needs schools. “This project in Worcester has been a long time coming and presents a wonderful opportunity for individuals on the autism spectrum to receive the array of much-needed services to be successful in school and beyond.”

The Summit Health and Wellness Center, opening on July 1, 2021 at 59 William Street, will offer psychiatric services, mental health counseling, speech therapy and social skills groups. Psychiatrist Oliver Joseph, M.D., will be the chief medical officer of Summit Agency.

For more information about Summit Agency, call at 508-751-8500.

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